The Subritzky family bearings

Subritzky Kusza Coat of Arms

Battle cry: NE CEDE ARDIUS (Yield Not Unto Difficulties)

Alternative names NIEZAPOMINAJKA (Forget-Me-Not)
Earliest mention More than 60 Golden Books
Towns The Subritzky family owned the villages of Subocz, Zubr, and Krasne Siolo in Northern Poland (now modern Latvia).  Families Herb Wlasny (PERSONAL ARMS) SUBRITZKY (Polish spelling Kusza-Zubrzycki) Kusza - (pronounced Ku-Sha) is a Polish coat of arms. It was used by only one szlachta family, SUBRITZKY (Polish spelling = Zubrzycki), in the ancient times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and is regarded as 'Herb Wlasny' (a personal gift from the King). The KUSZA arms of the Subritzky family are recorded in more than 60 Golden Books and armorials. The Subritzky (Zubrzycki) family are old "Immemorial" nobility and fought with Napoleon in 1812. Later the remnants of the family immigrated to New Zealandin 1843, and became the New Zealand's first Polish settlers.
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On 1495. During battle a Tartar Moslem mercenary who was called Fiedz, used his crossbow to kill many enemy Knights and saved the life of HM King Jan I Olbracht of Poland/Lithuania. After the battle, "Fiedz the Tartar" was brought before the entire Polish Army and ennobled by the King himself. For his valorous deeds on the field of honour he was ennobled into the Polish/Lithuanian system and given the everlasting right to bear the coat of arms KUSZA (CROSSBOW).

KUSZA (Crossbow): This coat of arms was given personally to "Fiedz the Tartar" a Moslem mercenary by His Majesty King Jan I Olbracht of Poland in the Year of our Lord 1495. This coat of arms is the sole property of the noble Subritzky (Kusza-Zubrzycki) family who reside in New Zealand.Fiedz the Tartar was the grandson of an un-named Tartar warrior who was a member of the Kondrat Banner (Tartar Cavalry Regiment), which crossed into Lithuania in the Year of Our Lord 1401 at the invitation of the King of Poland. All of the men in the Kondrat Banner were said to be of the highest class of "Immemorial Tartar Nobility," and blood descendants of Ghengis Khan. The Subritzky family are the Lord's of the villages of Subocz, Zubr and Krasne Siolo.
There are four variations of this coat of arms. They are:

KUSZA I 'On a red field, a silver crossbow, without the arrow, and pointing downwards';
KUSZA II 'On a red field, a silver crossbow, without the arrow, pointing upwards';
KUSZA III 'On a red field, a silver crossbow, with a cyphered arrow, pointing upwards, and beneath the charge three silver chevrons (battons)
KUSZA IV 'On a red field, a silver crossbow (with an arrow), pointing downwards/sometimes upwards. NOTE: This coat of arms is sometimes referred to as ZMUDSKI, from the part of the Polish Commonwealth where this family lived (Samagotia).
This noble Polish family uses several different 'battle cries,' including "NE CEDE ARDUIS" which translates as "YIELD NOT TO DIFFICULTIES." This is used by the main branch of the family, whilst "NIEZAPOMINAJKA," which translates as "FORGET-ME-NOT," is used by the descendants of Captain Ludolph Anton Subritzky.

Notable bearers
Notable bearers of this coat of arms include:
Sir James Henare KBE, DSO last Commanding Officer of the 28th Maori Battalion
Sir Stephen Roberts CMG, MA LittD Melb. pp. (Chancellor Emeritus, University of Sydney)
Richard Matthews, Professor, ONZ (microbiologist),
Johannes Anton Subritzky, Captain (Ship Owner),
Captain Ludolph Anton Subritzky,(Master AS Medora)
Ludolph Johann Heinrich Subritzky aka Captain John Louis Subritzky (1st JP in the Far North),
Alfred Subritzky, Captain Master AS Greyhound,
John Henry Subritzky, Captain (Master Cutter Mahurangi),
Bill Subritzky QSM (evangelist),
Major John Subritzky, MID, Northland Regiment
Alice Evans (historian and author),
Wilf Wagener MBE (historian and museum director),
Dame Miriam Dell, ONZ, DBE (champion of women's issues),
Bert Subritzky, Captain, Scow Master (Owner of the scow "Jane Gifford")
Les Subritzky (New Zealand's first professional diver),
Maria Beniston (genealogist and author),
Russell Johnson (judge) VRD (Chief District Court Judge),
Florence Keene QSM (author of Northland New Zealand history),
Graham Standring (NZ TQ Racing Car Champ, Midget Champ x 3, 15 x NZ Team),
Bryce Subritzky (New Zealand Speedway champion),
Tau Henare MP (unionist and Member of Parliament),
Captain Basil Subritzky (Subritzky Shipping Line),
Don Subritzky (Military Aircraft Collectior)
Mike Subritzky (historian, author and war poet),
Padre Mike Subritzky (New Zealand Army Chaplain)
Sophie Bird celebrated child violinist,
Kaye Dragicevich (northland historian, journalist and writer),
Roy Wagener (Author),
Richard Subritzky Survivor M.V. Marchioness,
George Henare OBE actor,
Captain Brett SubritzkyWaiheke Shipping,
Lance Corporal Daniel Subritzky AAM US (Decorated Soldier and Peacekeeper)
Michael Moore (Subritzky Shipping Line),
Glen Subritzky Rugby Talent Scout,
Wayne Zubritzky aka Wayne Subritzky Key Grip - Lord of the Rings
Justin Bird (celebrated child musician),
Des Subritzky QSM (Long serving Deputy Mayor of Dargaville),
Sue Bradford MP (Activist for the poor and Member of Parliament),
Shadow Subritzky Rugby Player - NZ Maori,
Jeanie Subritzky (nee: Davidson) Last widow of te Hokowhitu a Tu, The New Zealand Maori Pioneer Battalion.

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^ "The Poles, The first arrivals". Retrieved 2008-06-07. "The Subritzky family claim to be New Zealand’s first Polish settlers. Matriarch Sophie Subritzky arrived in 1843 with her extended family, and they settled for a time with German immigrants at St Paulidorf in the Moutere valley, near Nelson. Later they moved to Australia, then returned to settle in Northland, where they intermarried with Māori tribes. In 1993, to mark the 150th anniversary of the family’s arrival, 3,000 descendants gathered at the original homestead at Houhora."
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page 501 Henare, Sir James Clendon Tau. KBE for services to Maori, especially Maori community affairs (CBE 1966), DSO 1945, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star with 8th Army Clasp, Italy Star, Defence War Medal, War Medal 1939-1945, NZ War Service Medal, Coronation Medal 1953, Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal 1977, Mentioned in Despatches 1944. Born Motatau 18 November 1911, son of Tau Henare (qv) and Sarah Marie Henare née Subritzky. Died Kawakawa 8 January 1989. Tribal affiliations: Te Aupouri, Te Rawara, Ngapuhi, Polish noble clan "Kusza" (Crossbow). etc. etc (completion of bio) Page 1022 Subritzky, Lance-Corporal Eric. 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal, 1939-45 War Medal, NZ War Service Medal. Born Tokerau Beach, Northland, 9 April 1919, son of Robert and Kahu Subritzky née Manuel. Tribal affiliations: Te Aupouri, Te Rawara, Ngapuhi, Polish noble clan "Crossbow". etc. Subritzky, Trooper Frederick. UN Medal for Peacekeeping Operations in the former Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. Born Kaitaia, Northland 12 September 1960, son of Robert William and Julia Subritzky née Wiki. Tribal affiliations: Te Aupouri, Te Rawara, Ngapuhi, Polish noble clan "Kusza" (Crossbow). etc. Subritzky, Sergeant Fredo George. 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45, NZ War Service Medal. Wounded Monte Cassino. Born Houhora, Northland 28 January 1922, son of Major Jack Subritzky (qv), and May Freda Subritzky née Evans. Tribal affiliations: Te Aupouri, Te Rawara, Ngapuhi, Polish noble clan "Kusza" (Crossbow). etc Subritzky, Private Gloria (Ngaire) Vivienne. 1939-45 War Medal, NZ War Service Medal. Born Waihopo, Northland 10 October 1923, daughter of Major Jack Subritzky (qv) and May Freda Subritzky née Evans. Tribal affiliations: Te Aupouri, Te Rawara, Ngapuhi, Polish noble clan "Kusza" (Crossbow). etc. Subritzky, Haimona (Simon). NZ General Service Medal (for Warlike Operations) with Malaya bar 1962. Born Te Keo, Northland 11 November 1940, son of Robert and Dolly Subritzky née Keepa. Tribal affiliations: Te Aupouri, Te Rawara, Ngapuhi, Polish noble clan "Kusza" (Crossbow). etc Subritzky, Private Herepete William. British War Medal 1914-1918. Born North Cape 5 January 1897, son of William John Henry and Te Paea Subritzky née Tiwhi. Died Northland. Tribal affiliations: Te Aupouri, Te Rawara, Ngapuhi, Polish noble clan "Kusza" (Crossbow). etc. Subritzky, Private Hone (John). War Medal 1939-45, NZ War Service Medal. Born Northland 4 January 1919, son of Herepete and Pinia Subritzky née Heteraka. Tribal affiliations: Te Aupouri, Te Rawara, Ngapuhi, Polish noble clan "Kusza" (Crossbow). etc. Page 1023 Subritzky, Major John (Jack). 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, 1939-45 War Medal, NZ War Service Medal, Mentioned in Despatches for bravery at the Battle of the Somme 1916. Wounded twice. 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War Medal 1939-45, NZ War Medal. Born Awanui 11 May 1923, daughter of Harold and Emily Subritzky née Johnson. Tribal affiliations: Te Aupouri, Te Rawara, Ngapuhi, Polish noble clan "Kusza" (Crossbow). etc. Subritzky, Driver Pamela (Kim). NZ General Service Medal (For Peacekeeping Operations) 1991 with Sinai Bar, Multinational Force & Observers Service Medal 1991. Born Cambridge 27 November 1969, daughter of Lindsay Eric and Judith Subritzky née Wicks. Tribal affiliations: Te Aupouri, Te Rawara, Ngapuhi, Polish noble clan "Kusza" (Crossbow). etc Subritzky, Private Robert. British War Medal 1914-18, Victory Medal. Born Awanui 13 August 1894, son of Captain Arthur William Thomas and Tiini Subritzky née Paratene. Wounded on the Somme. Died Awanui 22 June 1971. Tribal affiliations: Te Aupouri, Te Rawara, Ngapuhi, Polish noble clan "Kusza" (Crossbow). etc Subritzky, Gunner William Grover Cutchim. Vietnam Star, Vietnam Medal, South Vietnamese Presidential Unit Citation of the Cross of Gallantry with Palm Leaf, US Meritorious Unit Combat Citation 1966. Born Auckland 16 October 1944, son of William and May Subritzky. Tribal affiliations: Te Aupouri, Te Rawara, Ngapuhi, Polish noble clan "Kusza" (Crossbow)etc.ISBN 0-908578-58-X;
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ZUBRZYCKI Coat of Arms KUSZA The noble family Zubrzycki (Arms:Kusza) were settled in the Minsk region of the Polish/Lithuanian Commonwealth, and were descended from the Tatar Abdulla Zubrzycki. They were the Lords of the village of Subaciaus (Subocz). In 1812, when Napoleon advanced into Russia, he had an Army of 115, 000 men, included Polish/Lithuanian soldiers many of whom were of the noble classes. Several nobles in his Army were named Zubrzycki but were from a number of different families. These soldiers included brothers Johannes and Romualdus Zubrzycki (born Subocz village 1785). Both brothers later fled to the Kingdom of Hanover after Napoleon's retreat, where Romualdus Zubrzycki married Sophie Elisabeth Korber. Romualdus Zubrzycki died of tuberculosis in 1833. His widow Sophie Elisabeth Zubrzycki and their children sailed for New Zealand and arrived on 14 June 1843. The family lived for a time in a small hamlet named "Saint Paulidorf."In 1845, the Zubrzycki family migrated to Australia where they took part in the many gold rushes in the State of Victoria. In 1860, brothers Louis and Heinrich Zubrzycki returned to the Far North of New Zealand and purchased an estate of 8,000 acres (32 km2) and as well leased a further 25,000 acres (100 km2) of land from the government.The Zubrzycki family established an estate in Houhora and as well built the town of Awanui and became involved in coastal shipping, owning many ships. Captain John Anton Subritzky owned one of the first motor cars in Auckland, and also is recorded as having the first traffic accident in Auckland in 1904. The family also established "Subritzky Shipping Line" which is New Zealand's oldest privately owned shipping company;
"POLSKIE RODY SZLACHECKIE I ICH HERBY" Tadeusz G. Bialystok Polska 2000, various mentions Zubrzycki, Zmudzki, also colour illustrations KUSZA I, KUSZA III & ZMUDZKI;
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"New Zealand - a dynamic partner" New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark's speech of 22 April 2005

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