The Tethered Goat

Gentlemen - Welcome to this lesson on small arms instruction.
   "Instruction Sergeant!"
This weapon is the 7.62 millimetre Self loading Rifle.
   "Self Loading Rifle Sergeant!"
It has a muzzle velocity of 2,800 feet per second.
   "2,800 feet per second Sergeant!"
With a 20 round magazine attached, it weighs 12 pounds.
   "12 pounds Sergeant!"
It is capable of rapid snapshot fire at short range opportunity targets.
   "Rapid snapshot fire Sergeant!"
Excellent quick and accurate individual fire at a range of 100 metres.
   "100 metres Sergeant!"
Accurate individual aimed shots up to 300 metres.
   "300 metres Sergeant!"
Effective section fire at ranges up to 600 metres.
   "600 metres Sergeant!"
I used this weapon in Vietnam and it was very bloody deadly.
   "Very bloody deadly Sergeant!"
It has the capability to cut through rubber trees.
   "Cut through rubber trees Sergeant!"
It can penetrate concrete gentlemen.
   "Penetrate concrete Sergeant!"
It shows no mercy to the Viet Cong.
   "No mercy Sergeant!"
Now look downrange and observe the tethered goat.
   "Downrange and observe Sergeant!"
I will now engage the tethered goat with my SLR... Bang!
   "Tethered goat...Oh Shit Sarge! Yuk!"

©Mike Subritzky
BAA No: 92