that morning

it was the last hour
just before dawn,
that time
when the ruru hooted its final
and before the tui clucked
and clanged the new day.

embers glowed dull red
in the open fire
as you softly drew me from slumber
the warmth of your cheeks
brushing against my thigh
and the soft warm molding
of your intimate caress.

slowly, so very slowly
i became aroused,
body responding so naturally
to the silky butterfly embrace...
quietly growing rigid
to taste and touch.

i reached down to
draw you to me so
we could share this
intimate journey together,
but you whispered softly 'no'
and engulfed me once more.

as i began to ripple
and loose myself
you reached up and
held my hands
while i arched
and cried out your name
as i spilled...
it was such a still morning
i could hear the rolling thunder
of waves crashing on waihi beach.

that same morning,
as we spooned under the blankets
and watched the sun rise
from behind mayor island
was the first time
you told me that
you loved me.

(c) Mike Subritzky 2001
'Judith Rose Passion Study'

ruru = Native New Zealand owl, it's call sounds very much like 'more-pork'.
tui   = Native New Zealand song bird and mimic.