Just a Jafa

I'm, just another bloody Jafa,
and I live in Jafa town,
where the Sky Tower points its' finger at the sun.
(The City of Sales Cuz).

Well, it's an hour to work each day,
and a tank of gas each pay,
to drive from Half Moon bay to Kingdom Come.
(The shops in Queen Street Bro).

Hey, I'd like to visit Christchurch,
or Timaru or Gore,
but the bloody Bombay Hills are in the way.
(And there to stay Pal).

So, I'll live in Jafa Town,
and I'll watch the sun go down,
from Karangahape Road to Stanmore Bay.
(And across the coathanger Mate).
...Karangahape Road to Stanmore Bay.

© Mike Subritzky
Montana/Auckland Poetry Festival 2001

Endearing thoughts of Auckland, NZ
("Jafa" = Just Another Fuckin' Aucklander)...it's written in Kiwi jargon.