I see poetry in all things. This report crossed my desk once, and I was amazed at the poetry of the woman's story...the only thing I have changed is the names of the accused and both victims.

New Zealand Police 392


The victim must be informed that:
The information in this report will be put to the Judge after the accused is found guilty and before sentencing.

The victims statement must take the narrative form and cover the following: - Victim Details/Physical Injuries/Property Damage/Financial Costs/Emotional Effects/Any Other Effects.

My name is Sally Johnson.
I am a 27 year old single parent.
My son John is 3 years old, he is 4 this year.
I am 6 and a half months pregnant.
We have been together for a year and a half.
John is not my partner Robert's son.
Today we had a really big argument again.
It was over Robert not wanting John to go to Kindergarten.
I am on Periodic Detention and want John to go somewhere safe while I am there.
Today was to be his first day.
I am stressed out because I am tired and I want to catch up on my Periodic Detention hours; if I don't I go to jail.
I do not want my baby born in jail.
I came home last night and Robert was lying on the couch.
He is lazy, no washing was done or nothing.
We always argue about money, he does not pay for anything.
He gets $160 a week, and I see none of it.
I admit I can be fiery too and this morning was not good.
I was trying to take little John to Kindy and Robert tried to stop me.
When I would not stop from going, he tried to punch me and kick me while I was in the car which wouldn't start.
I ran with John and then I put John down.
Robert threw a rock at me and it missed.
John was crying and shaking.
Robert grabbed me around the throat but I got away.
I am just so sick of this, it's even crazy talking about it.
It happens so often now I am tired of it.
Robert laughs at me when I try to explain to him, he thinks that what I am going through is a big joke.
I am so very stressed about doing Periodic Detention and Robert doesn't realise that I could go to jail.
I just want Robert to know that if John is cared for I will be alright.
I have a graze and bruising on my throat from the argument today and I have a bruised and sore left elbow.
I also have other bruising and injuries from where I fell, while trying to run away.
It's not the physical abuse that worries me, it's what it is doing to young John.
I always worry that John is not being cared for while I am away.
Robert doesn't even care about the little things, and now I have a Kindergarten organised he does not want that.
I just do not know what to do anymore.
John is now a different little boy than he was, even just a few months ago.
He is himself becoming more aggressive and I reakon that's because he sees what goes on between Robert and I.
John hits his toys and pulls at them, he says "this is what Uncle Robert does to you aye Mummy?"
That's what freaks me out.
Today I was worried about John when we argued.
I hate it when he knows what is going on and sees what is happening.
I think about John all day while I am at Periodic Detention.
I got Periodic Detention for a driving offence.
I sometimes get cheeky with the Correction's Officers when we are chopping wood at the Salvation Army Headquarters as it is close to home and I ask if we can call in and see John.
I am sick of this with Robert.
I do not know where I want to go from here with Robert.
I know at the moment it's no where.
We have nothing yet ready for the new baby.
He promises me things, and that he will help me, but nothing happens.
I do not think he is worth all of this hurt.
I just don't think he's worth it.

© Mike Subritzky