Jungle Track Song

where's me fuckin' rifle?
where's me fuckin' pack?
where's me fuckin' webbing?
and - where's this fuckin' track?

I'm sick of fuckin' walking!
I'm sick of fuckin' rain!
I'm sick of fuckin' jungle bashin!
and - I'm doin' it a-fuckin-gain!

It's full of fuckin' noises!
It's full of fuckin' birds!
It's full of fuckin' snakes and shit!
and - It's full of fuckin' lurgs!

I hate the fuckin' Army!
I hate the fuckin' Camp!
I hate the fuckin' RSM!
and - I hate this fuckin' tramp!

another fuckin' contact!
another fuckin' war!
another fuckin' body count!
and - another fuckin' score!

so - where's me fuckin' rifle?
me fuckin' webbing too!
I've found me fuckin' discharge docs!

© Mike Subritzky
28th ANZUK Regiment, 1972
A tribute to Ross H and the men of Victor 1 Company RNZIR, Vietnam