Maybe they shot the Texan

Rory Calhoun rode into town every Tuesday night just after sundown,
about seven thirty, maybe eight, that Texan was never late.

Except for that one timethe last time.

The name of the town was Dry Gulch,
or Deadwood, or Apache Springs,
and Rory Calhoun always wore black
black hat, black shirt, black horse, black gun.

But 'that' night, the great magic eye
in Grandma's lounge screened a different programme

MMMmmm something about a pub in England?
Where three old ladies sat in a snug
and called each other 'Minnie' and 'Ena' and 'Martha.'
They barely spoke English really, and said words like 'summit,'
and drank milk stout, and gossiped about a solo mum named Elsie Tanner.

After the programme ended someone played
'GOD SAVE THE QUEEN' and AKTV2 shut down.

When I told Grandma in the morning she said
"Maybe they shot the Texan?"
Next week Grandma stayed up late and watched 'Coronation Street.'

I went to bedwhat use is a television if you can't watch gunfights?

© Mike Subritzky 2002