Air Devron Squadron
      US Navy - ANTARCTICA
Late at night when the fire burns low,
and the lamps turned down only embers glow.
My thoughts they drift to that timeless land,
where once I served as a Cargo Hand.

How the snow was white and the mountains rose,
though the sun was bright still the earth it froze.
For the days were long and the night was nill,
and the work was hard and the air was chill.

The planes came in every hour or so,
from Antarctic Stations maybe 'fourty below'.
We'd load them refuel them and then they'd be gone,
to the South Pole or Siple or Palmer beyond.

Though it's cold at McMurdo and cold at the 'Pole',
there's a spirit only those who have been there would know.
For with courage, devotion and sacrifice too,
the Air Devron Squadron we saw it all through.

1973, Task Force 43 - USN

© Mike Subritzky - The Flak Jacket Collection

"Puckered Pete"
VXE6 Squadron's Mascot