Peace is a Woman

Peace is a woman,
that beautiful naked woman,
with rounded hips and body full,
naked and splayed upon her back,
wanton and seeking with legs drawn,
and eyes gazing into the far distance.

Peace is a woman,
hair fallen by nuclear drift,
brain destroyed by chemical addiction,
ears poluted with heavy metal music,
lungs poisioned by carbon monoxide,
skin burned by acid rain,
eyes blinded by the ozone rays,
intestines rotted by carcenogenics
veins poluted with tastes of 'good gear',
breasts poisoned by chemical lust,
heart is torn apart by war,
womanhood destroyed by abuse and child abuse,
body and soul eroded by years of marital rape.

...Peace is a woman

© Copyright Mike Subritzky 2000
"Art for Peace Showcase - Australia"