By Mike Subritzky
A Cigarette Comrade
Afer the Rains
Agent Orange Roll Call
Air Devron Squadron
Air Assault
All My Friends Are Dying
Anything But Anthrax
ANZAC Exchange
ANZAC - The Legend
At the Pole
Battalion of the Dammed
Bird Of A Single Flight
Bugis Street
Christmas - Salisbury: 1979
Christmas Tree Lights
Comrade Darlington MIA
Death of a Peacekeeper
December Dreamtime
Doing Lunch
Go-Go Box
Gunner Stratton's 13th Jump
Haiku - The Sixties
I Thought of You
Johnny's Down
Just a Jafa
Kiwi Peacekeepers
Leaving Armour
Lost on the Homeward Run
Maybe they shot the Texan
Memories Tide
Mid/Rats - Antarctica 1973
Midnight Mass
Midnight Movie
Operation Tangent
Pastures Green
Peace is a Woman
Sailor Moon
Scotts Hutt - Antarctica
Singatoka Sunday
Soldiers farewell
South Pole Station
Special Sundays
Spirit of ANZAC
Stepping into Heaven
Subritzky's Night Before Chrstmas
That Morning
The Battery Parade
The Bluey
The Dead Guerilla
The Dog
The Farewell
The Grey Funnel Line
The Gypsy's Prayer
The Hokianga Mai
The last ANZAC
The Letter
The Look
The Number Two's Lament
The Nurse
The Open Window
The Parting
The Ruin
The Sentry
The Subritzky Epic
The Tethered Goat
To a Long Ago Love
Victim Impact Report
Welcome to Auschwitz